people at parties LK Naps Photography by Allison Michael Orenstein Art Direction by Signe Mae Olson
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People at Parties is a self-produced bi-coastal trio based out of Brooklyn NY and San Fransisco CA. LK Naps (Vocals), Kelly Harris (drums) and Becky Kupersmith (synths) have been creating their brand of 80′s synth-low-fi for more than 2 years. They first made waves in the underground dance scene with a melodic synth-pop Flexi-Disc EP on Project Infinity Records featuring the sing-along, drum-heavy anthem ”Say,” which resonated with listeners who appreciate the cross-genre influences the band evokes. The Boston Phoenix picked “Happy Birthday,” a dark 80′s epic anthem, as one of 2011′s best new singles.

People at Parties drives their passion with influences derived from synth-driven post punk and heavy hitting 80′s new wave, never forgetting the emotion in a powerful melody. As the stage becomes the canvas, People at Parties has delivered performances at large clubs, intimate venues, dance parties,  NYC museums, art shows, fashion shows and more.

Their reputation of being “indebted to dance culture” is well earned. The band’s first official full length self-titled release came out November  2013 in digital form. Official vinyl will be pressed in February 2014. The LP was a self release, offered to fans on a sliding scale donation basis. The record was preceded by a remix by producer/performer André Obin, who was labeled a “synth pop craftsman” by pitchfork for the song “Mazes,” the hit single on the album.

Uber Rock Magazine UK writes: “The self-titled debut by the band People At Parties is a work so vibrantly avant garde and stylishly underground that it appears to have had a life of its own.” They have been described by Michael Morotta of Vanyaland (Boston Phoenix) as “haunting 3am batcave electro … led by the haunting vocals of LK Naps.” Unholy Rythms says: “Pulsating, pounding synths that rightfully nod to the sounds of yesteryear while remaining fresh and tenebrous-foggy effervescence.”

The full length LP maintains the band’s classic sound and stays true to the edgier side of dance culture, but features a boldness and melodicism that brings nostalgic feelings to lovers of all genres. Rich synth hooks, deep beats, vocal homage to the midnight howl, a story commanded, and theirs is a dedication to juxtaposition between the sinister and the romantic.

The band’s decision to put the album on a sliding scale basis is part of their goal to promote creativity, get closer to fans and create a community of people that will gain access not only to the music, but also to items the band finds inspiring.  You can buy the album now on gumroad  or at The band’s website and Facebook page has new music, news, and press photos: and


Photo: LK Naps
Photography by Allison Michael Orenstein
Art Direction by Signe Mae Olson





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